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By the Integrated Extension Service associated with the Kapruka Ayojana Credit Scheme, the beneficiaries are provided the technical guidance of several fields such as cultivating coconut and intercrops, animal husbandry, irrigation and other agronomical activities of coconut based farming in coconut lands to ensure the utilization of loan capital technologically to the desired development activities. This is an essential service of the credit scheme to accomplish its goals and objectives.


The extension service commence from the point of submission of preliminary loan application by the beneficiary to the credit scheme. At the application the beneficiaries are advised technically (if desired) to what development activities are financed and which is the technically suitable lending development category(s) selectable by the applicant. Likewise, in every step of the lending process and after financing service process, the beneficiaries are provided with latest technological knowledge by the field extension staff affiliated to the Regional Offices and Head Office of the CCB.


After financing extension services mainly activate after informing the loan receipt by the borrower to the relevant CCB regional office. Once borrowers notification, the relevant field extension officer (farm planning officer/ Coconut Development officer) visit the land and provide technical guidance required to borrower for land development activities and other relevant matters. The format of informing the loan receipt is attached with the loan documents submitted to borrower. The borrower can down load the extension service request format and the information of relevant officers engaged in extension services (according to the area of land location) from the CCB website by searching information through the web link of “Kapruka Ayojana” Credit Scheme (select download link below for extension service request format).


The Borrowers are advised to get the benefits of free extension service provided by CCB to develop your land and continue the mutual relationship with the CCB to reap the benefits of services provide time to time by the organization.


 Download the extension service request format