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Anuradhapura R/O Staff



Regional Manager

Mr. M.A.P.Gunasekara (0766904375)

R.M.C.B.Madawala. Extension Officer (ARM)

Assistant Regional Manager (Tech)
/Extension Officer

Mr. R.M.C.B. Madawala (0766904377)


Farm Planning Officer

Mr. W.K.S. Kumara (0766904376)


Assistant Accountant
/ Accounting Officer


Anuradhapura Regional Office
IIIrd Step, Dahaiyagama Junction, Anuradhapura. Tel. :- 025-2222543
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Anuradhapura Regional Office of Coconut Cultivation Board has been established for providing services to Anuradhapura District of North Central Province and Mannar District of Northern Province. It provides services in 694 Grama Niladari Divisions belong to 22 Divisional Secretarial Divisions. It disseminates its services through 05 CDO offices of 07 CDO ranges situated in 39 Agrarian Service Divisions.

The regional office area spreads over 1,794,760 acres of total lands and agricultural lands occupied 1,019,975 acres. The area under coconut lands are reported to be 35,335 acres cultivated by 38,855 no of coconut growers. The total no of coconut trees accounted to be 1,766,750.

Main Agro Ecological Zone of the area is Low Country Dry Zone. The mean annual rain fall is 1625 mm which varies from 1250 mm to 2000 mm and the mean annual temperature is 27 °C which varies from 24 ° C to 32 °C.